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5 Niyams of Yoga For Fulfilling Life

Patanjali wrote Yoga Sutras which talks about eight limbs of yoga. The second limb has a further 5 Niyams of yoga. These talk about codes of conduct that you can follow to have a loving, wholesome, and easy-going life.

Moreover, practicing the 5 Niyams of yoga ensures to maintain a positive environment in your life. You give rise to humility and inner strength with consistent practice of these Niyama (observance). Keep reading to know more.

Different Niyams of Yoga


There are a lot of impurities in your external as well as internal environment. The Saucha principle of Yoga Sutras deals with cleanliness and purification of your body, mind, and spirit. If you incur impure thoughts, they will negatively affect your true wisdom, attainment of enlightenment, and spiritual liberation.

Practicing yoga asanas, meditation, and Pranayama ensures you gain purity of mind and body. Thus, you consciously work towards attainment a pure state of living.


Do you always crave for more? Be it more wealth, more food, more luxurious living, and many more things. That is a sure sign of lack of contentment. The Samtosha Niyama incorporates the practice of contentment in your life. Hence, you learn how to be content with what you have.

Thus, you make your mind believe that happiness is not in what you don’t have. Rather, happiness is in relishing what you have, even if it is the bare minimum. You practice minimalism and get out of the circle of materialistic thinking.


The Tapas Niyama of yoga deals with the practice of self-discipline and asceticism. It further helps you have stronger will power. Also, when you practice Tapas, you train your mind to do hard things even if your mind is conflicting.

You learn to kindle inner fire that is necessary for the completion of all the tasks in your life. Moreover, this inner fire helps in the release of Kundalini energy that can further place you towards the attainment of enlightenment.


Have you ever introspected? Do you ask questions to your inner being? That’s what you do when you practice the third Niyama of yoga. It focuses on self-study and self-reflection that help you see your true divine nature.

You get an opportunity to learn more about your true nature, state of being, or mental construct. Moreover, you come across various flaws and weaknesses that live within you. Thus, the sole purpose of practicing the Svadhyaya Niyama of yoga is to cultivate good qualities and rid of impurities.

Ishvara Pranidhana

Once you know that you have some impurities, you work towards flushing them out of your body. After that, you are all free to surrender to the higher being. You practice devotion and surrender when you practice the fifth Niyama of yoga.

You learn to dissolve your ego to attain something bigger. Dedication is the most important element when it comes to devotion to the higher divine power.

Summing Up

Thus, you can practice the five Niyama of yoga to have a complete and wholesome transformation. You can also join a yoga teacher training course to earn the Yoga Alliance certification. Thus, you can dive much deeper and have complete control of your physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

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