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Different Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Programs

Yoga Alliance- Yoga is a vast field of knowledge that takes years to master. With the emergence of the internet, though everything is available to you. However, it also leads to the spread of misinformation. So whom to trust then when it comes to practice true yoga?

The Yoga Alliance is the answer! Don’t know about it? Relax! The following points will help you get familiar with the Yoga Alliance and its usefulness.

What is Yoga Alliance?

The Yoga Alliance is a US-based non-profit organization that looks over the international standards of yoga. Further, it issues registered yoga school (RYS) and registered yoga teacher (RYT) credentials. Hence, enrolling in an RYS helps you become a certified yoga teacher. An RYS also provides yoga teacher training courses that help yoga enthusiasts to become certified yoga teachers.

Types of Yoga Teacher Training Courses

There is a yoga course for every level of yoga practitioner. Thus, the availability of yoga programs at an RYS signals the significance of joining it to become a yoga teacher.

Below mentioned are a few Yoga Alliance certified yoga programs perfect for every yoga practitioner. Keep reading.

RYT 200

Also referred to as a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, it is a yoga course perfect for beginners. Whether you have practiced yoga ever or not, joining a 200 hour YTT can help you a lot.

You get familiar with all the yoga terminologies. Hence, you feel connected whenever you come across various words used while practicing yoga. Moreover, you learn about different yoga poses, meditation techniques, breathing exercises, body alignment & adjustment techniques, and much more when you join RYT 200.

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RYT 300

It is also called a 300 hour yoga teacher training course. Every yoga practitioner who has been practicing yoga for a while can join this course. Moreover, anyone having an RYT 200 is eligible to join this course.

When you join RYT 300, you become familiar with advanced yoga poses, meditation techniques, teaching methodology, practicum, body anatomy, physiology, and much more. Hence, it is a perfect yoga teacher training course for those who want to become certified yoga instructors.

RYT 500

Do you have an RYT 300 or RYT 200? Then you can upgrade your yoga knowledge and join RYT 500. Also known as a 500 hour yoga teacher training course, RYT 500 is one of the most advanced Yoga Alliance certified yoga courses.

If you want to achieve the pinnacle of your yoga journey, it is one of the best yoga programs for you. You learn every bit about yoga in great depth. It is a perfect yoga course to become a yoga master. Furthermore, you can join this yoga course to open a yoga academy.

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Benefits of Joining Certified Yoga Programs

  • True yogic experience
  • Certified yoga teachers
  • Different forms of yoga to choose from
  • Satvikk food
  • Yoga Material
  • Nature excursions
  • In-depth study of yoga


The above-mentioned yoga programs are the Yoga Alliance certified. What you need to do is to enroll in any of them according to your level. Make sure you complete a yoga course to earn certification. Since the yoga courses are Yoga Alliance registered, you get better online visibility, various perks & discounts, and much more.

Thus, joining various yoga programs provides you an enhanced yogic journey. You move towards your goal easily and become a yoga teacher without any hassle.


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