Does Cardiovascular Disease Induce Men’s Health?

Erectile Dysfunction, Cardiovascular Diseases, physical health, intimate, EDDoes Cardiovascular Disease Induce Men’s Health?

Connection between heart disease & erectile dysfunction

Cardiovascular Disease is a common type of sensual syndrome in which the male is losing the capability to attain & sustain an erection that is most appropriate for pleasurable physical activity. This condition may arise in males Health belonging to any age group, and this is something that is not at all considered normal when occurs frequently.

Research pertaining to ED worldwide

Today this particular type of intimate ailment has already impacted one out of a total of ten males in the whole world. This means that 10% of the males have already undergone through the symptoms of erectile failures at certain points in their lives. However, when this erectile failure starts occurring on a continuous basis, then it becomes an alarming sign that needs medical attention. 

When there is subsequent failure to attain an erection to the extent of below 20%, then this is quite common and doesn’t require any sort of therapy. But when the same thing starts occurring to the extent around 50% or more, then this becomes a big cause of concern and there might be an underlying physiological or even psychological problem.

Does ED relate to growing age?

Although erectile dysfunction ailment is quite prevalent in individuals belonging to the older age group, however, this disease has nothing to do with the growing age. Individuals belonging to any age group may start suffering from this intimate ailment. There is evidence pertaining to the notion that men of the older age group might be needed much intense stimulation, but normally they are fully capable of attaining erections and indulging in pleasurable physical activity just like the younger ones.

How cardiac disorders cause erectile dysfunction?

At times, the underlying cause of impotence in many of the males is the cardiac disorder. This is especially in the case when cardiac issues cause the constriction of underlying blood vessels along with the smoother muscles. Whenever there occurs dysfunction of endothelial, it leads to inappropriate of the supply of blood towards the cardiac muscles, thereby causing the impairment in the flow of blood towards the penile region.

It is not just that whenever a male is suffering from this intimate ailment, it is the cardiac disorder which is the underlying cause of it. However whenever an individual complains about frequent erectile failure, and there is no other clear causative factor ascertained, then first of all he is always diagnosed for cardiac ailments. Cenforce 200 and Cenforce 100 mg have also treated ED problems in several men. 

What is atherosclerosis?

Penile erections occur whenever there is the faster flow of blood supply that leads to the blood vessels being swollen up. So whenever there is an interference with the smooth flow of blood towards the penile region, the males have problems in achieving normal erections. So this can also occur when the arteries get clogged or hardened.

This specific of condition when the individual’s arteries are getting clocked or hardened is termed as atherosclerosis. So the blood vessels along with the arteries that are existing in the tissues of the penile region are being impacted by this particular of cardiovascular condition. So this has clearly illustrated that symptoms of frequent erectile failures can be an underlying cause of impotence.  Under the condition of atherosclerosis, the blood vessels of the patient constrict and are incapable of dilating appropriately. This specific of the condition is known as endothelial dysfunctioning.

Development of plague in blood vessels

There is also an increased accumulation of cholesterol within the blood vessel’s inner lining, and this leads to the development of plague. It is this specific of condition that causes the narrowing of the blood vessels, thereby lower down the rate of the flow of blood. When deposition of the plague occurs at a faster rate, then there can be a constriction to the flow of the blood towards the penile region. 

Thus the condition of atherosclerosis is impacting the flow of blood towards the tissues of the penile region. So whenever this particular condition is at its initial stage, first of all, it is impacting the penile organ and later other parts of the body as well.  Although the symptoms of erectile dysfunction that are prevalent in quite a large number of males do not always guarantee cardiac issues as the underlying health problem, but in case you experience the symptoms of frequent erectile failures, then you are required to seek medical advice and never hesitate to discuss about your individualized health condition. It improved Cenforce 150 and Fildena 100 mg blood flow and treat ED problems. 


The males who are diagnosed with impotence are required to be ascertained for the symptoms of cardiovascular ailments, as it puts them at a greater risk. This identifying the hazards involved and carrying out its most appropriate management is extremely vital for curing erectile dysfunction and other health conditions. 

So all those males who have been experiencing the symptoms of ED, it is extremely eminent to take medical advice which would be including thorough assessments and diagnostic tests. The doctor may also recommend the patient with a few of the alternations in the lifestyle for carrying out the improvement in the condition of erectile dysfunction and heart health as well. So once the most appropriate steps are being taken, this is going to assist out a great deal in improving intimate life and overall health.