9 Ways to Kick Start your Metabolism

9 Ways to Kick Start your Metabolism9 Ways to Kick Start your Metabolism

Have you ever wondered why some people don’t gain any weight no matter what they eat?

Of course, you have thought about it, and probably know the answer to this. This is because of their fast metabolism that results in no weight gain and a perfect body.

Metabolism- Help or Hindrance?

You undoubtedly consider them luckier! Especially, if you are someone suffering from weight control challenges. If you have this urge to lose weight, you will often find yourself drawing these comparisons. But you need to know that weight loss solely depends upon how your body responds to the calories taken and burned. Or in other words, we can say it’s metabolism!

Why is Metabolism Important?

But your metabolism shouldn’t be the excuse for you to take your health for granted and accept that you are overweight. Your excess body weight doesn’t only affect your appearance, but it is quite important in determining your risk of various diseases. Not only your body weight but keeping in check all other aspects of your health is important for the proper functioning of your body.

One of my uncles who was the fittest of all other family members suddenly developed chest pain. We visited a best Pulmonologist in Rawalpindi for his treatment and ultimately he was diagnosed with a problem that hindered his body from metabolizing dietary fats properly. So, you never know what’s going inside your body unless your physician thoroughly goes through it.

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Coming back to the point, your body metabolism is important for all the good reasons. Not only does it affect your body weight but it determines several other aspects of your health. Here are the ways that can help you to pace up your metabolism.

1- Drink more water

This is one of the easiest and handy ways to speed up our metabolism. The presence of water in your body is essential for performing essential body functions. While you drink enough water, it helps your body in its cleaning mechanism and removal of toxins. All these things collectively help your body systems perform better and result in better and fast metabolism.

2- Consume enough protein

Protein is an important food group in our diet that is mainly considered to build and support muscle growth. But do you know that consuming enough protein can help your body to speed up the metabolism? When there is enough protein in your body it gives your body a hard time metabolizing it. Furthermore, it creates a feeling of fullness that keeps you running and imparts a faster metabolism to you.

3- Do high-intensity physical activity

When you push your body to its upper limit, it ends up in an increase in stamina and better metabolism. Talking about physical activity, you might know that doing a high-intensity workout is good for your body because it helps your body systems to work better to cope with the workout stress. This ultimately boosts up your stamina and improves your metabolism.

4- Have green tea

You might have already heard about the several benefits of green tea to support your health. Not only does green tea help to improve digestion and is rich in antioxidants, but consumption of green tea is also good to enhance your metabolism. You can start consuming it gradually and see how it helps your body systems perform better.

5- Consume more spices

Just like green tea, spices are also good for your metabolism. Consumption of species can help to speed up the way your body carries out its reactions. A compound present in chillis particularly has its profound role in building a better metabolism that is good for your overall health.

6- Sleep well

Just like all other things, sleeping for 6-8 hours every day is also good to increase your metabolism. Your body needs proper rest after a hectic routine and deficiency of sleep can comprise the body functions. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to get enough sleep. If you still have trouble with sleeping, it is better to consult a physician or take sleep aid supplements.

7- Stay physically active

Next in the list of ways that can help you to have a fast metabolism is by ensuring regular physical activity. You might not be fond of workouts or a gym person but be mindful that staying physically active can be a great help for you. You can start with the activity of your choice and improve your metabolism. Be it walking or running or swimming, it offers many benefits for your overall health.

8- Have some coffee

Consuming certain things is known to fasten up your metabolism. One such thing is drinking coffee. There is enough evidence that supports the fact that consuming coffee can help you have a better metabolism. When you drink coffee, there are components present in coffee that induce the release of fat from tissues. Thus, you end up losing more fats with the help of activated coffee components.

9- Consume healthy fats

Fats are an important component of our diet. With a variety of fats found in dietary sources, these fats are known to play an important role towards health. From the synthesis of hormones or other fat based components to keeping your hair healthy, afts are considered important.

You might think that all fats are bad and consuming fats can slow down your metabolism. However, in contrast consumption of good and healthy fats is known to speed up your metabolism.

Bottom Line!

Metabolism is important and defines the rate at which your body burns our calories. Metabolism can be as unique as people themselves are. There are many people who have a faster metabolism rate while other metabolism isn’t that fast.

An efficient metabolism is all your body needs. It helps your body perform better and enhances its performance in many ways. You can try all these tips to boost your metabolism or can get your physician’s recommendation on this.

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