Yoga for Weight Gain – Does It Really Work?

Yoga for Weight GainYoga for Weight Gain – Does It Really Work?

Do you find it hard to put on a little weight? Have you tried every workout and diet under the sun and still not found results? Yoga for Weight gain is easy to step. But what is not easy is gaining a healthy amount of weight and keeping it that way.

It is time you give yoga a try.

Let us first understand how yoga can help you gain weight.

Yoga’s Impact on Weight Gain

Daily yoga practice is key to gaining weight. But, yoga does not directly contribute to weight gain. It does have an impact on the factors that help you gain a healthy amount of weight.

But, you should keep in mind that yoga does not help you gain a massive amount of weight. This means when you get to a normal BMI range your body might not put on extra mass. This ensures you gain healthy weight.

Below is how yoga helps you gain a healthy amount of weight.

  • Yoga helps establish healthy eating habits to maintain a healthy BMI range.
  • Daily yoga practice improves your core endurance and inculcates healthy habits.
  • Yoga impacts your weight management. It has a positive impact on the different systems in your body.
  • Yoga helps regulate your stress hormones, blood circulation, and metabolic process with ease.

Enrol in a certified yoga teacher training in India to learn how yoga helps you gain weight.

What Factors Does Yoga Impacts to Help You Gain Weight?

Following a yoga, practice routine addresses the many weight gain parameters. Yoga techniques and methods help regulate the many biological processes in your body.

Let us now check out the parameters that yoga impacts.


Underweight individuals often have a higher rate of metabolism. Higher metabolism rate spends the nutrients over little physical activity. This leaves very little room for remaining nutrients to help you maintain a healthy weight level.

Research has shown that yoga establishes an optimal rate of metabolism. An optimal level of metabolism ensures your body utilizes the nutrients in a judicious manner.

Nutrient Absorption

The basic units of food that help you gain weight are nutrients. Unless your body is not able to break the food into nutrients there is no point in consuming more. Yoga assists your stomach and the small intestine be more efficient in breaking down the food. It also helps improve the nutrient absorption capacity of your body.

Yoga also triggers the right blood circulation. It ensures your body receives proper nutrition to function and help you gain weight. The process of generating and transferring nutrients throughout your body is vital for weight gain. The yoga instructor certification can help you understand how to do this.

Hormone Secretion

Yoga has shown promise when it comes to regulating hormonal levels within your body. It influences the stress hormones. This ancient art impacts your body’s digestion process, thyroid hormones. It also impacts the reproductive hormones. In the long run, these hormones combine to help you gain weight.


Your body’s ability to relax is as important as its ability to gain mass and absorb nutrition. The rest period is when your body repairs old muscles and builds new ones. Yoga helps rid your body of all stress and anxiety. Many yoga techniques keep you away from mental health issues like depression and insomnia. You should join the yoga teacher training in India to learn the best yoga asanas for relaxing the body and mind.

Which Yoga Asanas Can Help Me Gain Weight?

Besides the yoga asanas you inculcate into your daily routine, consistency is paramount for success. Moreover, you also need to inculcate the right diet for yoga to help you gain weight.

That said, given below are the yoga asanas that can help you gain weight.

  • Reclining Bound Angle Pose
  • Diamond Pose
  • Fish Pose
  • Warrior Pose
  • Cobra Pose

As stated above, including a healthy lifestyle is necessary for yoga to work its magic.

Benefits of Cobra Pose for Healthy Weight Gain

In the pursuit of a healthier body, many people focus solely on weight loss. However, for those seeking to gain weight in a healthy and balanced manner, yoga can be an invaluable tool. Among the various yoga poses that can assist with weight gain, the Cobra Pose, or Bhujangasana, stands out as a valuable ally.

Cobra Pose involves lying face down on the mat, palms placed beneath the shoulders, and gently lifting the upper body while keeping the lower body grounded. This pose stretches and strengthens the spine, chest, and abdominal muscles, providing numerous benefits for those looking to gain weight.

  1. Improved Digestion: Cobra Pose stimulates the abdominal organs, enhancing digestion and nutrient absorption. A healthy digestive system is essential for weight gain as it ensures that your body effectively utilizes the nutrients from the food you consume.
  2. Increased Appetite: Regular practice of Cobra Pose can help boost your appetite, making it easier to consume the necessary calories for healthy weight gain. It encourages mindful eating by promoting awareness of the body’s needs.
  3. Muscle Tone and Strength: This pose targets the muscles in the back, arms, and shoulders, helping you gain muscle mass, which contributes to a healthy weight gain strategy.
  4. Stress Reduction: Stress can hinder weight gain efforts by affecting appetite and metabolism. Cobra Pose helps reduce stress by stretching and relaxing the spine, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.
  5. Enhanced Metabolism: By stimulating the thyroid gland, Cobra Pose can help regulate metabolism, making it easier for the body to process and utilize calories efficiently.

In conclusion, Cobra Pose is a powerful and underrated tool for those looking to gain weight healthily. By improving digestion, increasing appetite, building muscle strength, reducing stress, and enhancing metabolism, it can play a vital role in achieving your weight gain goals while promoting overall well-being.


Do you find it hard to put on a healthy amount of weight? The yoga exercises above can help you gain an optimum level of Yoga for Weight Gain with ease. Make sure you join a certified yoga teacher training in India to learn and practice these yoga asanas from the best.

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